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* Under Pressure- This air-tastic event introduces children to the principals of air and pressure.  They will see what makes hot air balloons rise and smoke rings form, and a few volunteers will help our Imagination Station performer demonstrate how a hoverdisc works using only a cushion of air.

* Radical Reactions- Welcome to the crazy world of chemistry! Children and adults alike will be amazed when the performer is able to defy gravity, create elephant toothpaste and summon a genie out of a bottle in this energetic and spectacular special event. 

      * Sounds of Science- This ultra-sonic show has been updated for 2017 and features new and exciting demonstrations and experiments! Children will  excited about the science of sound.  Make waves and make some noise in this fun and funky show.  Kids will get tuned into learning with dynamic demonstrations and experiments including the unexpectedly loud Creatures-In-A-Can, the Glowing Electric Pickle, and a kid created Thunder Storm.

* Spooky Science Spectacular - Creepy cemetery fog, floating eyeballs, bubbling potions, a ghost trapped in a bottle, and so much more in this spectacular Halloween-themed science show! 

* Build Your Bones- One of our shows created to focus on the topic of health, and just what happens when you drink too much soda? Great for schools and classrooms who are learning about healthy eating and would like to show students up-close-and-personal what happens when you make poor food choices and how they impact your body, with a particular focus on bone health. Nothing gets a point across to kids more than seeing it in person!

* Custom Marketing Programs - The Magic Science Research and Development Team will work with you to customize a special event to fit your marketing needs.  Knowledge is the power that sells.  We educate your target market through the use of theater and science.

* Frost & Fire - Science has never been cooler than this spectacular show that will show kids the science behind dry ice and heat. Students will be dazzled and entertained as they interact with their Imagination Station performer as they see bubbles of gas dropped on their heads, taste a 'burp', and see a explosive rocket engine experiment. Science concepts include the three states of matter, air pressure, and chemical reactions.