​​​TAKE-HOMES: Every child will make a fun, hands-on project they get to take home!

     Slippery Slime - ​​Kids discover the ooey gooey origins of plastic and make their own take home slime!

      * Putty - ​​Kids produce a chemical reaction that changes ordinary glue into super silly putty!

     * Grow-Your-Own-Crystals - ​​your mini guests will be charmed with this take-home that uses special               solutions to grow their own crystals before their eyes!

​​​​​THE PARTY DOESN'T HAVE TO STOP THERE:  To expand the fun we offer a variety of party upgrades!
     * Bubbling Brews $50 (Dry Ice...our most popular! Not available for Sunday events.)

     * Live Rocket Launch $40               

     * Hover Disc Rides $40 (recommended for children aged 7 yrs or younger)

     * Cotton Candy $50-60

     * Science Safety Glasses $2.50 each - give each of your party guests a pair of science safety glasses to take                                                                    home with them! (Minimum of 2 weeks prior notice.)

     * Jr. Lab Coat $15-20 each - make your child feel extra special by giving them a lab coat to wear during the show                                                 and take home with them. (Minimum of 2 weeks prior notice.)

     * Add on another take-home option for your guests - choose from slime, putty, or growing crystals (slime already                                                                                     included in every party package.)

"You made my daughter's birthday the best day of her life!"

S. Jiang

 Have more questions? Go to our PARTY FAQS Page to learn more!  

Approximately 45 to 60 minutes long.

* Include a make-and-take activity for each child to take home. 
* Perfect for children ages 4 to 12 years of age. 
Suitable for any group size.
Held at a location of your choosing.
Tons of Fun AND highly educational! 


Ready for some fun?

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Magic Science of Hawaii has a laboratory full of interactive activities and demonstrations to make your child's next birthday party the best ever.  

 Magic Science Birthday Parties:

4 Different Shows to Choose From: We have over 200 experiments to work with!       

* Air Blast - ​​An action-packed party full of exp-AIR-iments! Hold onto your hats for the air shooting vortex generators. Witness how air pressure puts an egg in its place and the power of air in your lungs.  

Glow Show​​Designed for spaces with the ability to get significantly dark, children will learn about the light spectrum as they wear diffraction glasses to see the colors in white light, look for aliens and superheros with our 'secret' phosphorescent paint test, learn how fireworks give off different colors, and so much more! 

 * Crazy Chemistry - ​​Kids never tire of mixing things together, and in this fun show they'll see how different chemicals give off very different reactions from heat to glowing lights. Audience members will assist our scientist with mixing things together and starting reactions right in front of their eyes, and see how our own bodies can 'share' electricity with a zapping finale! 

* Fantastic Physics Designed for outdoor spaces with no need for electricity, this show let's us get crazy with messy experiments such as exploding soda, exploding balloons filled with different gases, a rocket launch and so much more. Perfect for summer parties at the park, backyard or anywhere outside! 
* Energy! - ​​coming soon!

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