Future Space Explorers Program - Part 1: Jr. Astronaut Academy

Amazing Atmosphere - Students will gain an understanding of the importance of our planet's atmosphere for life on Earth, and compare the composition of Earth's atmosphere with those of other planets in the solar system. Students learn what it takes to make a planet viable for life as we know it, explore the effects of atmospheric particles on the color of sunsets and rainbows, and study the optical properties of a turbulent atmosphere.

​​Super Solar System - Our first class in our "Future Space Explorers Academy" program, Students set off on a voyage to discover our Solar System. Students impersonate the planets to compare their sizes and distances from the Sun, recreate a solar and lunar eclipse, and become particles on a voyage into a planet’s core. 

Sun & Other Stars - Students will investigate our closest star - Our Sun, as well as other stars and the galaxies they form. Children will explore stellar life cycles, create new solar systems, and make their own constellations. 

Space Technologies - Discover technology originally designed for outer space! The desire to explore the 'final frontier' has garnered many new technologies along the way! Students will learn about lasers as they find their way through a laser maze. Find hidden mountains using radar technology, and learn how a paint chip can cause irreparable damage aboard a space shuttle! 

Future Space Explorers Program - Part 2: Astronomical Adventures
​​​Space Spectacles For thousands of years human beings have marveled at the phenomenal events that take place in the night sky. In this class students will learn about some of these amazing events, including creating their own impact craters, explore the composition of comets right before their eyes, and take part in a friendly game of satellite tag!

Life in Space - Students will set out on a mission to explore life in space! Students will see what special adaptations humans need to live in space, learn about mission training techniques and participate in the construction of a space station while learning about the value of teamwork! 

Space Travel - Learn what it takes to be a true globetrotter! Race a balloon rocket and design your own car engine as you learn about thrust. See the principles of propulsion at work in a real rocket launch..a prelude to the final Rocket Science class where each child will launch their own rocket!

Rocket Science - This is your chance to be a rocket scientist and investigate the four forces of flight! Explore the science involved in rocket construction as you build your own rocket model that you get to launch at the end of the class! ​

Crazy Chemistry - 4 week program
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